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Thursday A Shift 010418 FireWOD

Warm Up

Light Jog + Walking Quad Stretch
Light Jog + Soldier Kicks (straight leg to opposite hand)
Light Jog + Side Lunges, pivoting on lead foot
Light Jog + Walking Samson Stretch
Light Jog + Walking Cradle Stretch

Rehearsals, or “Dry Runs” gives our athletes the chance to feel the transitions out inside the workout

With their working weight on the barbell, complete:
100 Meter Run
5 Power Snatches
100 Meter Run


5 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
15 Power Snatches (75/55)

The stimulus of today’s workout is with a very light barbell. A weight that the athlete could complete 21+ repetitions unbroken when rested. Inside the workout, we are looking to ensure that athletes break at most once per round. When in doubt, lighter is better here. Lighter, is harder.

Modifications for Running:
1) 200 Meter Runs per round
2) 500/400 Meter Row
3) 25/18 Calorie Assault Bike

Strategy For Today:

We are looking for a consistent pace throughout all five rounds. Especially in that first 400 meter run, we want to emphasize to our athletes to pace well. Have them visualize the pace they would aim for in a 2-3 mile run. That is an appropriate pace to strive to hold inside the workout.

On the power snatches, we are looking for large sets. They do not need to be unbroken, but the weight we are selecting should be a loading that allows our athletes to move through each round of 15 repetitions with at most one break.

On these power snatches as well, we want our athletes to hang onto the bar. We can use the first 50-100 meters of the run as a recovery.

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