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  1. Functional fitness. I can carry both of my kids up the stairs without panting at the top and avoiding the argument of “carry me! carry me!” I can now grab both and run up the stairs. I can also now carry all my groceries in with one trip from my car- it’s just like a farmer’s walk. I also don’t need help when buying huge awkwardly shaped items– need to load a giant IKEA box into my car by myself? No problem!
  2. Setting a good example for my kids. I want my kids to grow up valuing their health and bodies. What better way than for them to see their mom & dad taking care of themselves?
  3. I have my own time at the gym, in a group setting with awesome people– people who I may never would have hung out with if it wasn’t for CrossFit. In my 9am class, there are firefighters, coaches, doctors, television execs and housewives. Any mom knows time spent with other adults is treasured and essential for our sanity. My “box” also has a 6:45PM moms (women only) class where I can bring my kids if needed, although I prefer not having to worry about them while at the gym. No excuses!
  4. I don’t have to spend any time programming my workout routine. I’m a mom, I don’t have time to figure out the best way to tone up various body parts while keeping things interesting. Hell, I don’t even know how to use half the machines at the gym but I know at CrossFit there will be a well-trained coach making sure I’m doing each movement properly and safely. I also know that our director of programming knows what he is doing when he plans all of our workouts. I love being able to check in on the web site the night before to see what the WOD (workout of the day) will be.
  5. CrossFit is a confidence-booster. Sometimes as moms, we can get down on ourselves- especially when it seems like our entire identities have changed since giving birth. When you’ve just climbed a rope or flipped in a tire, you feel like you can take on the world.
  6. You can actually put those yoga pants you’ve lived in for years to good use. At least I don’t feel like a fraud anymore when I stay in workout clothes all day. Related: CrossFit clothes are fun and cute!
  7. The baby “weight” comes off easier than when I was aimlessly walking around the YMCA. People I haven’t seen in a couple of years ask how I’ve lost so much weight. I haven’t lost weight but thank them and attribute my body change to CrossFit. All of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit even better than before having my kids (which also helps save money since I’m not always buying the next size up in jeans). It’s fun “shopping” in my own closet again.
  8. Mental health. Exercise has been scientifically proven to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. While CrossFit memberships are more pricey than a regular gym, it’s cheaper than therapy! I wish I would have started CrossFit years ago, I believe it would have helped reduce or avoid the postpartum anxiety I had with my kids.
  9. Anyone can do CrossFit. One of my favorite qualities of CrossFit is that everything can be scaled to your level safely. I love working out with people old enough to be my grandparents, knowing that they still kick my butt on some of the WODs.
  10. Being fit makes life easier. When you feel good about yourself, physically and mentally, your entire outlook on life changes. You have more energy to devote to your family and make memories. Don’t wait to find out what you’re capable of: life is short and this is the only body you get, so take care of yourself!

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