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The Time Is Now

Success is within YOUR reach… what are YOU waiting for?

We are more fearful of the fact that we have a power within us that once unleased we will be unable to contain it than we are of failure.  The challenge with success is once you get a taste of it, you want more of it.  Remember that each little failure today brings you that much closer to YOUR success.

You have watched the games, you have seen other people posting about CrossFit on Twitter, Facebook and all other forms of social media.  You have heard your friends talking about it.  You have even seen the commercial during the play-offs and yet you wait.  You wait patiently for the day you are motivated to get up and head to your local affiliate>  WHY do you wait to achieve greatness until later?  Your MOMENT is NOW.  Your moment to discover a power within you that you desire to let out is NOW>  Your time to shine is NOW!

It begins with a step, it begins with a desire, it begins with a dream.  A dream becomes a goal, a goal becomes a desire, a desire becomes drive, a drive becomes a passion.  A step becomes a few steps, it becomes a walk around the track, it becomes a walk up a flight of stairs, it becomes the moment in which you realize your feet are suddenly just carrying you, and soon, you are running like you have never run before.

The hardest part of any goal, dream or desire is not the decision to make it happen, but the act of making it happen.  Once you get started on that path, you might falter, you might fall off, you might even fall down, But the great thing is if you fall down, we are here to help you stand back up, get back into step and right back on the path to your dreams and goals.


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