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5 Athleticism Boosting Exercises

If you are looking to improve your athleticism you can do it without using any fancy new gym equipment or super sophisticated techniques.

Basic exercises are usually some of the best exercises, like:

  1. Jumping RopeIncreased coordination – To jump rope you will need a certain level of coordination to do the exercise. Without coordination, you won’t be able to do many reps. The good news is the more you practice the better your coordination will get and you will be able to do more and more reps as your coordination improves. This is why boxers love jumping rope, they need it to be light on their feet and haveIncreased endurance – Jumping rope is harder than it looks and will be harder than you remember when you were a kid. Most people out there couldn’t jump rope for even 5 minutes but if you work at like with anything else you can get your endurance up quickly.

    Good for ankle and foot stability – Jumping rope strengthens the muscles and tendons in the ankles to help prevent ankle injuries.

    Increases finesse – You need finesse to jump rope, you can’t muscle through it or force it if you try to it will work against you. You need to work with the rope, get the timing down. Being a power athlete is great but at times you will need finesse as well.

  2. BurpessIncreased endurance – Burpees will get you winded in a hurry. Try doing these often and you can build some serious endurance. Try doing 50 burpees as fast as possible then try and improve each time you do it. Before long you will be in some serious shape for any sport.Increased strength – You won’t build huge muscles by doing burpees but they do help build strength in your core, arms, chest, hips and legs.

    They burn fat –  You can burn some serious fat while doing burpees. If you really want to take it to the next level try some burpees in a Tabata workout.

  3. Kettbell SwingsThey build power – As we mentioned above kettlebell swing are great for building athletic power. Make them heavy kettlebell swing or banded kettlebell swings and they are even better power builders.They build strength – Kettlebell swing are great strength builders over your entire body with extra emphasis on the posterior chain including the hamstrings, glutes and erector spinae.

    Fat Burning – Kettlebell swings can burn some serious fat as well and watch the fat melt off.

  4. Running SprintsIncreased speed – This one is a no-brainer. If you want to run faster you are going to need to some sprint training.Increased endurance – Research has shown that sprint interval training actually improves aerobic performance.

    Muscle building – Sprints build muscle in the glutes, quads and hamstrings.

    Improved mental toughness – If you want to be a successful athlete you need to be tough. Sprints are demanding on the body and the mind and sprinting for distance will challenge you. Build your speed and build your mind.

    Fat burning – Sprints burn fat like crazy, if you haven’t noticed most sprinters are pretty ripped. It has been shown that doing interval sprints for just 10 minutes burns as much fat as doing traditional steady-state cardio.

  5. Jumping SquatsBuilding explosive power – All jumping forms are good power builders and Jumping Squats are one of the bestBuild strength – Squats are the king of lower body exercise so of course, you will be building strength doing squats.

    Building athletic muscle  – Jumping Squats build muscle but not the gargantuan bodybuilder muscle you get from back squats rather to lean tone muscle.

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