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Coaching and Training Masters Athletes To Stay Healthy

By Coachg 2017 Masters Qualifier 45-49 Division and Head Coach

The real issue, to me, of getting older and being athletic, is that in your head you don’t feel old at all. Best part is that studies also show this, Canadian research indicates there is no noticeable decline in physical abilities until about the age of 70, as long as people stay active. That is the key STAY ACTIVE.

For most who watch my youtube, IG, FB, and Twitter posts they see the best of the best of my workouts. What they do not see is the basic, fundamental, boring to watch exercises, and consistent video studying of how to move better. See as a coach my first and overall goal for the Masters group (actually everyone) is to make them move better and find what weaknesses they have. From that I mean are they shoulder, midline, or leg strong. Is the frontal muscles over powering the posterior muscles, is it a flexibility issue or mobility issue, what injuries in the past did they sustain or have currently.

Of course most of the time they will not tell me until they do something that tweaks them and then you hear  “oh ya I had this pain every time I do….”

For the older guys and gals (masters) this is important that we find this out fast so we can treat it immediately to prevent any major injuries or over use injuries. Most of the time we will take them aside and let them know that he must do extra exercise either as a warm up or cool down to help build and strengthen the areas of concern. Most take these exercises lightly and decide to skip or just not do them because they are not what we call “exciting movements” or “ego boosters” haha.

“If you’re a Masters athlete (or any age really) just getting into CrossFit, it’s easy to feel like your way behind. But injury prevention and developing proper movement patterns will save headaches and missed time later on.” – Ron Ortiz

But the reality is that the boring to watch, task oriented, and specific drills along specific exercises are the foundation of all great athletes. These supposedly meaningless exercises produce the most benefit and add longevity to your strength and conditioning program. What they do is allow you to perform weightlifting skills safer and better, drive your gymnastics to new heights, build your confidence in your body’s ability higher than it has even been before.

So if you feel you have weak shoulders or a nagging pain in them, have trouble maintaining midline control during lifts and gymnastics, or even knee issues from previous injuries please do not neglect them. Talk to one of our coaches and let them set you up with your own specific plan of attack on those areas. You will not be disappointed with the results of these non-exciting movements when you get consistent with them.

Coach Doing Basic Shoulder Girdle Strengthening Exercises

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