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Getting back on track after the Holidays

We have all felt it some time in our life, yes even those of us that it may seem impossible to ever fall off the workout wagon. You go away for a few weeks or the most likely time is from Thanksgiving to the New Year. In between that time you have gone to so many family gatherings, office parties, and get togethers that you have lost count. You have eaten everything under the sun because ALL the food is just so good and since you been working out every day up till then you feel that you deserve to indulge a little or a lot, lol.

Its now January 5th and all the whoop whoop from the Holidays is gone…now what?

Chances are that the motivation you had before the Holiday has faded and every thing that you used to do now feels like a task instead of something you enjoyed. All is not lost, here a few tips for those of us that fell off the healthy wagon and need a little help to get back to it.

You’ll also probably want to get back into health-related habits like working out or eating right (that is, if you didn’t stick to your diet during the holidays ). Set yourself up for success by planning your first week back as a reboot week for your fitness and other routines. Plan a day and make a list of what you want to complete and focus on getting through that list—it’ll help you work up to where you were before all the Holiday Cheer entered your life.

Start connecting again with friends to easing back into your daily workout routine. Go beyond checking social media to see what they are up to and make plans to see them face to face at the gym. You know that you have friends there so go met up with them, you’ll get the chance to relive your trip through sharing it with them and also make your transition back easier by engaging with those close to you.

When it comes to your work routine, you can help yourself by taking some proactive measures before taking off. You didn’t lose anything over the past few weeks, but start slow again. Please do not try to do what you did before you stopped, we need to get the body and mind back up to speed for going 110%. Plus enjoy being around your fellow exercisers, laugh, and have fun.

So no worries you will get back to where you were just believe in the process. Start by planning to making it back into the gym and not just “lets see how I feel” set the date on your calendar and GO!

We will see you there to support you!

Faster, Better, Stronger

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