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My top 7 reasons why I do CrossFit and you should to

Here are my top 7 reasons why I do CrossFit.

1. Camaraderie

I usually workout with alone but lately have had a partner so we can push each other. On some days several other people stay after class and jump in with us, which is pretty cool. I am also a member of LA Fitness, now when I to go to LA fitness and do a workout, the random dudes doing bicep curls aren’t going to hop on a treadmill next to me and start running with me. That would be weird and nobody wants that anyways. CrossFit offers a unique form of camaraderie and it is very powerful.

2. Seeing injuries/pains go away

Yes, I have seen injuries and pains go AWAY when people started doing CrossFit. Best example: One of my athletes. Hurt his knee playing with his dog, could hardly bend it. Saw the doctor and no major injury but badly sprained. Of course since our CrossFit specializes in better movement mechanics we began to adjust his squats to accommodate his injury. Soon enough we saw less pain and more range of movement and this continued until finally no pain and full range of movement. Yes you could say that this can happened at LA Fitness but in reality it would not, why? Because CrossFit always has a trainer focusing on your movement patterns, LA Fitness that would cost an arm and a leg.

3. Fun

Shouldn’t exercising be fun? For my own personal preference, it is more fun doing a workout and having other people doing the same thing and we are pushing each other to be better. Do we all help each other out on our technique or have tricks that helped us get that first pull up? Yes we do!

4. Changing it up

There is often an argument that CrossFit is stupid because it is a bunch of random exercises. Part of the thing I like about CrossFit is that it is a bunch of random exercises. The reason I started CrossFit was because I was sick of doing a very set schedule of movements and drills. I am not training to be a bodybuilding, so I don’t need a perfected training program to maximize muscle growth. I am training to be healthy, have fun, improve conditioning, etc. CrossFit fits that for me and my goals. That doesn’t mean it is the best for EVERYONE’s goals.

5. Makes me do things I am not good at

This is the best one of them all!!! Similarly to the “changing it up” section, the fact that CrossFit is more or less random requires me to be good at things I probably wouldn’t do otherwise. Say I had tight hips. If that were the case and I was self-selective in doing exercises based on what I can or can’t easily achieve, I would probably not be as motivated to improve my hip motion. But since large range of motion movements are part of CrossFit, that motivates me to improve those things. Many things could get thrown to the wayside if we only worked on the things we are really good at. Do I love doing double unders? Yes. Did I do them before CrossFit? never even heard of them. What made me get better at them? The fact that they are in CrossFit workouts and I wanted to go faster. This same thing is true for MANY other movements.

6. Learning

Despite what many people who think CrossFit is stupid just because they don’t like it, you can learn a LOT from the CrossFit subject matter experts (SMEs). I had the great opportunity to take the CrossFit Gymnastics course and I learned a lot of great information. What the SMEs talk about isn’t always what you see happen in a CrossFit affiliate. The standards discussed are slowly being implemented into CrossFit at large, such as strict handstand pushups being in the Regionals competition. Better for the neck, better for the athletes. I have learned more about deadlifting, cleaning, snatching, and jerking from Coach a variety of coaches than is taught in any fitness certification program, medical program, physical therapy program, etc. By a mile. I am sure the people who have been through those programs would agree. There is a consistent drive for the best trainers to continue to educate themselves, ask any trainer at a large global gym when was the last time he took a new fitness class for his education or even look up fitness certifications and see for yourself the limited continued education these certifications have. I am not saying these certifications are bad, god knows I have one, but I do now several trainers that took there personal training cert over 10 years ago and never took anything else except what they learn readying Muscle and Fitness magazines. Ask yourself do these guys have their finger on whats best for your fitness goals? We all know medical and fitness information changes almost yearly!

7. You can scale but still be part of the group

You don’t HAVE to do anything in a CrossFit gym you aren’t comfortable with. Let me repeat that You don’t HAVE to do anything in a CrossFit gym you aren’t comfortable with . One of the things crossfitters pride themselves on is absolute scalability of any workout. If I am not comfortable doing something, I can substitute it with something else. Is this unique to CrossFit? No, you can substitute anything movement for any other movement in training. But it EXISTS in CrossFit and it seems people who hate CrossFit think people are FORCED to do things at a gym they don’t want to do. If that is the case, find a different CrossFit gym, don’t just abandon it. When a high school football team has 20 cases of rhabdo, we don’t say “football is bad” we say “let’s figure out why this happened and change it”. No CrossFit coach is out to hurt people. Are they as trained as a back to back state championship winning track and field program coach? Maybe some are, but most aren’t. But guess what? There aren’t enough of those world classes coaches to go around and train millions of people across the world. And most people don’t need that high level of coaching because they have so much low hanging fruit to pick already.

That is my list of 7. Are there things wrong with CrossFit? Yes, I don’t think anyone would say it is perfect or close to perfection. Are there ways to make it better? Lots. Are my 7 reasons unique to CrossFit? No, not by a long shot. Are there more reasons I like it? Yes (but there are many others like empowerment, confidence builder, etc.). Do you have to dislike CrossFit because you don’t do it? Nope! Is CrossFit the ONLY physical thing I do? No I also train a lot with kettlebells, run (haha), swim, occasionally get a small pump on at LA fitness, etc…

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