In this episode, Gary & Jonathan discuss the way to plan and prepare for qualifier workouts:

  1. The weeks leading up to the workouts, athletes should work on what they’re most deficient.  More than likely, those movements will show up.
  2. Athletes should be ready to test their work capacity, as that is what is normally the deciding factor between making it to an event and staying home.
  3. The schedule for each week of a month-long qualifier should include technique days and recovery days, as you’ll be asked to give maximum effort for these workouts.
  4. In the event your workouts require video submission and “user error” occurs, allow your body a day or two to recover before attempting again.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t worry about where you are on the leaderboard and what other people are doing.  You can only control your preparation and how you perform.

WARNING:  The two of them have their own special way of getting this information across.  It isn’t for young ears.  We’ll try our best to keep it clean!

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