In this episode, Gary & Jonathan reminisce about Granite Games Qualifiers, while talking about each of the three metabolic pathways:

  1. Phosphagen pathway is used for intense lifts (one rep max), sprints, and other activities lasting 10 seconds or less.  This is anaerobic, which means it does not require oxygen.
  2. Glycolytic pathway uses glycogen (carbohydrates) and fat to give the body the energy necessary to complete activity that lasts anywhere from 11 seconds to two minutes.  Like the phosphagen pathway, the glycolytic pathway is anaerobic.
  3. Oxidative pathway is the one pathway that is considered aerobic, meaning the body utilizes oxygen.  This pathway is used during long distance running and workouts lasting longer than five minutes.
  4. All three pathways are trained in CrossFit (both classes and in competition settings) to help make athletes and clients more well-rounded.  This also aids in weight loss, as the body is not able to plateau if new stimulus is thrown at it constantly.

WARNING:  The two of them have their own special way of getting this information across.  It isn’t for young ears.  We’ll try our best to keep it clean!

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