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What you can expect from me (and every other coach at CrossFit Predators) and what I expect from you (the athlete)

First, what you can expect from me:

  1. Do no harm. My first goal as a coach is to avoid causing any physical harm to any of my athletes. An injury is detrimental to not only your performance, but your life, as it brings with it pain, frustration and lifelong changes. Doing no harm also includes working to heal past injuries, whether through rehab or mobility, in addition to smart programming and coaching to minimize future injuries.
  2. Improve athletic performance. My second goal as a coach is to improve your athletic performance as quickly, safely, and easily as possible. This includes all ten of CrossFit’s general physical skills: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.
  3. Educate. My third goal as a coach is to educate my athletes on both what they believe is important, as well as what I believe is important. This includes nutrition, programming, mental health, etc.
  4. Achieve goals. My final goal as a coach is to help my athletes achieve challenges they never thought possible. This is what fuels me when I wake up every morning. From your first push-up, to your first 5k, to your 500lb deadlift, to your CrossFit Games preparation, I want to help you guys achieve everything you are capable of.


Second, what I expect from you:

  1. Avoid injury. Just as my first goal is to do no harm to you, I expect that your first goal should be to do no harm to yourself. This often gets lost in striving for new ground on athletic improvement, but is important to your lifelong development as an athlete. This includes informing your coaches of pain, weakness, or general malady that we should be aware of.
  2. Be coachable. Simply stated, the athletes most willing to learn and be coached will see the best improvements, from health, to body composition, to movements patterns, to injury prevention. Those that listen and learn will always come out a step ahead.
  3. Show up. Don’t make excuses, make commitments.
  4. Ask questions. It is what we are here for, to help you guys. Often, we have a huge amount of knowledge, but only give a little bit in a class setting due to time constraints. So, if you want to know something, ask. We will either have an answer, or find one out.
  5. Use common sense. While often taken for granted, every single one of you is smart, so act like it. You know when something doesn’t feel right, or when you should take a second to figure something out on your own.
  6. Respect others. This means cleaning off your sweat, picking up your bar, and cheering on your classmates. It’s the golden rule, enough said.

Finally, as both a coach and an athlete, I expect that you will never stop believing in yourself, that you will never stop dreaming of what is possible, and that you will never stop attempting to better yourself on a daily basis.

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